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North Regional Library

Minneapolis, MN

A renovation of an existing Hennepin County library with approximately 39,000 sf of space

Project Description

The refurbishment of the North Regional Library, located at 1315 Lowry Avenue N. in Minneapolis, in the heart of a residential neighborhood on the busy intersection of Lowry and Freemont serves residents of North Minneapolis, including the Folwell, McKinley, Jordan, and Hawthorne neighborhoods. These renovations were made to improve efficiencies and better serve current and future library patrons.

The North Regional Library Refurbishment project improved and modernized approximately 23,000 useable square feet of the library, including both public and staff functions. The selective remodeling has brought the library services into the 21st century by reconfiguring public areas to support new and innovative services. Project scope included the replacement of furniture and carpet as needed, as well as improved acoustics throughout the building.

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